Witness to robbery swipes BB gun from crook at Detroit pub

Published On: Jan 14 2013 08:28:31 AM EST

Friday night, the Woodbridge Pub in Detroit was packed. But that didn’t stop two robbers, described by witnesses as “kids,” who went in with a gun and starting stealing from people inside.

“I turn over my shoulder and there’s a guy with what looked like a shotgun, a hood over his head and a red bandanna. He says, ‘This is a shakedown,’” said witness Andy Woloski.

--Andy Woloski

Table by table, the robber with the gun went around collecting cash, cell phones and purses. But eventually someone noticed what the robber was really carrying -- a BB gun -- and snatched it away.

The robbers took off.

The owner of the pub, Jim Gerry, is asking for the heroic customer who helped fend off the robbers to come forward so he can thank him.

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