Breast milk bought online could make babies sick

Published On: Oct 21 2013 09:30:36 AM EDT   Updated On: Oct 21 2013 06:09:26 PM EDT

Getting breast milk online may seem like a real convenience, but there are major safety and health concerns.


Researchers say much of the breast milk sold online could be contaminated with high amounts of bacteria.
Researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, say three-quarters of the breast milk tested from one popular site was found to contain high levels of bacteria.

According to an article in USA Today, the findings were likely the result of poor hygiene during milk collection, the use of either unclean containers or unsanitary breast milk pump parts, or compromised shipping practices, says epidemiologist Sarah Keim, lead author of the study in November's Pediatrics, published online today.

Nineteen percent of sellers did not include dry ice or another cooling method when shipping, according to the study.

And the study cites several cases in which babies got sick by a stranger's milk.

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