Roger Weber

Local 4 Reporter

Published On: Jan 03 2012 06:40:07 PM EST

Roger Weber has worn several hats during his 33-year career at WDIV.

He has been a morning news anchor and the Lansing Bureau Chief. But Roger's primary job of general assignment reporter has put him in the middle of Detroit's biggest stories. His major assignments have included the 1980 Republican Convention, the crash of Flight 255 and the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler. Roger has covered several high profile trials of defendants like Jack Kevorkian, Nathaniel Abraham, Stephen Grant and Sam Riddle.

In addition to those high impact stories, Roger enjoys covering unusual people and places "off the beaten trail." He occasionally puts those reports into rhyme, and obligingly sends copies of his poems to Local 4 viewers.

Roger has won an Emmy for his writing skills. He spent more than 10 years teaching broadcast writing at Oakland University, and is proud to say that several of his students now work with him at Local 4.

Roger's career began in 1969 as a student at Bowling Green State University. He worked behind the camera before anchoring the news on Channel 70 and hosting a state syndicated news interview program. After graduation in 1973, he worked at Channels 13 and 24 in Toledo.

Here's Roger's most embarrassing moment on the job:

"It happened while I was covering a preliminary event for the Detroit Grand Prix. I was riding in the back of a pickup truck to get moving shots of three dozen in-line skaters. We were in front of them as they raced around the track. I told the driver to pull farther ahead after the first lap, and drop me off so we could shoot from some other vantage points. All went according to plan until he stopped and I started climbing out. He gunned the accelerator too soon, flipping me backwards onto the pavement. To make matters worse, the skaters were bearing down on me fast. I scrambled out of the way just in time, with no serious injuries other than a bruised ego."

Roger and his wife Corinna have two grown children.

# Favorite Book: "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen Ambrose.
# Favorite Movie: "It's a Wonderful Life."
# Hobbies: Golf, Fly-fishing, gardening and reading history